your handy guide to the tags that i regularly use. how exciting!

chairlift-related tags

my general chairlift tag (this is the one to block if you don’t want to see any of my chairlift posts)

caroline polachek (also, funny faces that caroline makes. also, caroline wearing stuff that i like)

patrick wimberly

chairlift gifs that i made

posts about the night that i met and hung out with chairlift

other people i like

florence welch

victoria legrand

claire boucher/grimes

personal tags

pictures of me

things that happen to me

me talking about university

posts i make when drunk or posts talking about being drunk

my cat

pictures of my clothes

that time that my external hard drive died

miscellaneous tags

stuff that i write that i think is important

stuff that other people write that i think is important

stories that annoy me/upset me/make me fear for the future of humanity

music that i like

pictures that i take at concerts

stuff that i made

cats (also, this one)

i also tag for common triggers, including (but not limited to) sexual assault/rape, rape culture, eating disorders, self harm, and suicide. i also tag all of my posts containing gifs with “gif”. 

if there’s anything that you want to me tag, just let me know and i’ll be happy to oblige.