365 Days of Music | Day 211: Spice Girls - “2 Become 1”

are you as good as I remember baby?

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when i was like 11 or 12 i thought my name was really weird and i decided that i was going to legally change it to “wendy shannon (my last name)” when i was 18. 

needlessly to say, i’m very thankful that i gained some sense before i turned 18.



send me an album and i will list the tracklist in order from fave to least fave



Don’t you remember you told me you love me baby?

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Every sex worker on Tumblr. Repeatedly. Constantly. Daily.


It is a *privilege* to not know who Gail Dines is and to read something she wrote that was actually not virulently hateful towards sex workers or trans women and was maybe on point for once and so to reblog it to all of the sex workers and trans women who follow you.

Spread this post around so people KNOW NOT TO DO THAT SHIT.  If Gail Dines has said something correct, I guarantee you a million other women have said it better. So find a better quote and stop it with Dines.

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so the hillside cultural appropriation tally:

total number of white people with dreadlocks: i lost count
total number of white girls wearing bindis: 1
total number of white people wearing native headdresses: 0, but there was one vendor selling headpieces that may or may not have been appropriative (i really need to do more research on the subject)


suburbianite and I are now enforcing this law at all Australian music festivals. 


suburbianite and I are now enforcing this law at all Australian music festivals. 

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so when are certain self-proclaimed feminists (mostly terfs and vehement anti-porn fems, in my experience) going to stop using gendered slurs for shock value?

i know misogyny exists—i don’t need you poised at my ear, insisting that men see me as nothing but a “whore” or “fuckdoll.” it’s actually pretty triggering, what with my being a rape survivor and all.

funny thing is that the people i see pull this shit almost always object to the term “slut-shaming” on the grounds that “slut” is a slur. which is true, so we agree there, but apparently gendered slurs are okay when you’re trying to make “patriarchy’s handmaidens” see the light…?

but hey, whatever. it’s not like you’re brimming with hatred for women who disagree with you.

(disclaimer: i am a feminist, so don’t use this post for your shitty anti-feminist ends.)

I was at Dashcon: An Unnecessary Q&A with myself


i want so badly to ignore this and just get on with my life, considering that i’m in the midst of tour and traveling the US right now, but it’s clear that I can’t escape this. this is a very long post, i am keeping it under a cut.

additionally, at least until tumblr moves on from this, my askbox is off. it is a nightmare. i can’t deal with it right now.

so. I was an invited panelist at Dashcon, and I was on 10 panels over the weekend. my name is mark, I run Mark Reads and Mark Watches, and have been doing so for 5 years next month. (HOLY SHIT THAT IS A LONG TIME.) I have been attending cons for over a decade and been speaking at them as a panelist or a guest since 2011. Including my own tour events outside of cons, I have participated in over 150 “panels,” ranging from 50 minutes to 4 hours. I’m including this upfront because I’ve already been accused of being a 16-year-old nobody who doesn’t know what he’s doing at cons and is ruining fandom. Also, I’m apparently white and straight. ALSO THIS IS A MESS.

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